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Lostman - Episode 3: Survivorman
The third in a series of episodes about Chris, who lived an ordinary routine life and suddenly finds himself Lost and deals with it in Survivorman fashion.

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At 1/11/2008 1:37 AM, Blogger randomyeo said...


At 1/11/2008 4:00 PM, Anonymous JustJimmy said...

Wow, great job. Warning, I get the feeling that the prize you get for playing through the ARG find 815 thing is, ..... A SPOILER!!!!! I abandoned it, after i got my second season 4 clue. I know a guy who hacked into the maxwell group site, and said it was "kinda spoilerish". Spoiler warning on the abc homepage I went to see the new MISSING PIECES segment, and low and behold instant streaming of the S4 promo, i had to return to my ninja like reflexes to avoid the sound stream, hit mute on the laptop, and quickly ripped off my shirt to cover the right side of my screen, so I could navigate to the missing piece. I am really going overboard onn this spoiler free thing.

At 1/11/2008 6:27 PM, Blogger silvey said...

you could use the cell phone attached to your side to call a cab....

At 1/11/2008 7:23 PM, Blogger Lost Unlocked said...

Silvey - Once again you're a step ahead. The cell phone will play a part soon! I'm curious.. what do you think is happening?


At 1/11/2008 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, now that we know what you look like, what has the public reaction been like? Do you get asked for your autograph often? Do you ever have to leave a restaurant because of annoying fans? Have you been asked to be on "Dancing With the Stars" yet?

At 1/11/2008 11:40 PM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

I was just doing the Lost ARG and I saw the name Phil Alston, and it looked anagramable. Results were: anthill ops, hall pintos, shall point, halo splint, install hop, tall siphon, or maybe even plain sloth! Could one (or maybe even /all/) of those point to his true identity?!

At 1/12/2008 3:46 AM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

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At 1/12/2008 3:56 AM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

Okay, that one was a bit (insert synonym for "crackpotty" here). But here comes the mega-theory, which covers why the Island couldn't be found but can now, superb healing powers, why babies and their mothers died, ridiculously high sperm count, the four-toed statue, how various travel-crafts arrived to the island, the hostiles, the DHARMA Initiative, Desmond seeing the future, and the Whispers.

I would've been done sooner, but I wanted to see how Ch. 2 of the ARG turned out to help support my theory. I apologize for the longness.

Ok, so I'm gonna give you the startings of a working theory. It is in no way complete yet. Also, if this theory is already thought up better on some forum, I apologize; I've been too afraid of spoilers to go on any theory boards. And so it begins:

So we've all heard about the Bermuda Triangle and its notoriety for electromagnetic problems and disappearing ships and planes. Well, there are said to be 11 /more/ such triangles around earth: Five on the Tropic of Cancer, five on the Tropic of Capricorn, and one above each pole. I think that these 12 triangles are wormhole sort of things that dump whatever disappears from them to one of 6 places, one of which is the island.

Alright, this next place is hard to explain, partly because I just barely understand it. As I was looking for a good map of the Vile Vortices via Google Images, I came across something called Becker-Hagen’s Planetary Grid, which maps out the centers of these 12 triangles and 50 more triangles (which aren’t quite as notorious for anything. I think The Numbers pinpoint the locations of 6 of these points (see Numbers below) which are the dumping grounds for the main 12 Vile Vortices.

If you have a globe or Google Map in front of you, this will be easier to understand. If you notice, Flight 815 wouldn’t have normally gone through any triangles, but they turned back towards Fiji, thus heading directly into the Loyalty Islands triangle. According to the Find815 ARG, the Black Rock disappeared in the South Indian Ocean, so it could have disappeared in either the Wharton Basin triangle or the Zimbabwe triangle. The French Research Team (Rousseau) could have gone from anywhere (but why /was/ she traveling around researching while 7-8 months pregnant?!). The Polar Bears could be transported via the Arctic triangle. And the Nigerian Drug Plane could have gone through the Algerian triangle (directly above the Sahara). One point of the Bermuda triangle touches Miami (where Juliet left from).

And now it gets a bit harder to explain and much less believable:
Point 4: South-middlish Russia
Point 8: In Canada, specifically the province of Alberta
Point 15: Just Northwest of the Midland Islands (which are just west of Hawaii
Point 16: Just Northeast of Hawaii
Point 23: East of Africa, Southwest of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Point 42: East of South Africa and South of Point 23

DHARMA and/or The Others might be researching these 6 points to discover more than they already know. I think they’ve discovered how to successfully use most, if not all, of these points. The Others seem to have a love of Canada, and Mikhail thought that Bonnie and Greta were on assignment there…possibly to research Point 8?

I think the Island may not be in just one place. What I mean is, it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. NOT PURGATORY, but a purgatory-esque environment. As in, it’s stuck /between/ places. It may be in more points at one time, which seems impossible, but you gotta use some of that pseudo-meta-physic stuff to understand (I still don’t totally get it). When the Hatch went Kablooey, the Island suddenly became stuck in one location, so it can now be seen and much more easily discovered.

And maybe, just as it can jump space, it can jump time. I don’t mean necessarily back in time, but little jumps forward, which could explain why 815 hasn’t been found yet in our time (according to the ARG) and Walt is older and so on. And the Hatch (im/ex)plosion might have caused this. The powers/waves/whatever the heck the Hatch was meant to control might have had something to do with the time leap, explaining why Desmond himself took his own kind of time (*cough*quantum*cough*) leaps.

Speaking of these powers, I think there are ways to control it, a.k.a. The Swan. But the power just kind of works on certain parts of anyone who is there: their antibodies and other healing parts and (fe)male sex organs. This explains while they heal quickly, why sperm is 5-10 times greater in volume, and why Juliet (upon seeing the womb X-Ray) guesses a much younger age of the woman to whom the womb belongs than is true. And The Hostiles know how to harness this power and they aren't effected by these time jumps. The Hostiles could possibly have lived there since the beginning of that Island's existence. Their religion may have falled apart, due to the arrival of the DHARMA Initiative taking over the island, but the Temple and a portion of their statue remains.

Back to the time jumps, ya know in that ARG where Sam hears the transmission from days after Earhart disappears? That sounds leaped forward in time from its time to his. Desmond can see forward. Is it too far to think that the souls (or something less familiar) of the dead jump forward? The Whispers. According to transcripts of The Whispers found on Lostpedia (but aren’t necessarily correct, since it was analyzed by some fellow fans whose names escape me presently), somewhere in a whisper you hear some German (there was a man in the rear of the plane mentioned to be German), you hear someone say they’ve experienced in a plane crash before, but the biggest support is in the episode where Shannon gets shot (Collision, I think). Watch the few seconds before she gets shot and you can hear two or three times pretty clearly (and in the forefront) “Hi Sis”. Yeah.

To conclude: I think I need to sleep more often.

At 1/12/2008 10:34 AM, Blogger Lost Unlocked said...

Wow - Simply Wow! Some theories I've read seem really well thought-out but not plausible. Yours really seems plausible. I think I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel! You need less sleep so you can write my next video series!


At 1/12/2008 10:01 PM, Blogger silvey said...

i think moltenpather needs to pick a major and chris needs to stop eating mushrooms that jack said not to eat. kidding you guys-- keep up the good work

At 1/12/2008 10:58 PM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

Actually, that theory was a result of what happens when a Biomedical Engineering major's brain has nothing to think about except Lost over a winter break, silvey. :-)

Btw, if you ever bring that theory to a podcast, you can summarize it any way that makes it still make sense. Or...I dunno, my brain still hurts from earlier.

Keepp on crating gud podcats giys!

At 1/12/2008 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This being the second time I have said this, there is an other named Amelia, so her plane could have actually gone through one of these things you are talking about and crashed on the island, and that is her. She is the other who comes to Juliet's house in the beginning of "Tale of Two Cities". Great theory MoltenPanther!!!

At 1/12/2008 11:33 PM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

Wow, that'd be pretty awesome. Would I get some "slammin'" bumper music?

And now I kinda wish I hadn't thrown all of my theories into one lump...I may well be out of any for the future until I see some new material in season 4.

At 1/13/2008 2:40 AM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

And thanks, Wootsy, I hadn't caught that before. Maybe it's even the same one. If she's not the right age, then maybe the Hostiles took her under their wing. DHARMA shouldn't have been there yet, so this could work out. And those Hostiles helped her harness the power or whatever.

At 1/14/2008 8:58 AM, Anonymous JustJimmy said...

SPOILED!!!!!! Dang it, I was siting on the ccouch watching the Night Rider preview, when my wife said, "Oh did you see the promo for LOST where they get......"
and I just froze..---Slow Motion---NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!. I may have just melted.

At 1/15/2008 3:24 PM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

You probably shouldn't go on Lostpedia; the title of the first episode is on the front page.

At 1/15/2008 3:50 PM, Anonymous JustJimmy said...

SPOILER ALERT!!! DANG IT! Not my week, iTunes has a huge spolier on the front page of the itunes store. DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT. It is really hard to avoid spoliers as we get this close to a highly anticipated return of LOST. but, DANG IT!!!!!!!!! tay away from iTunes.

At 1/15/2008 9:39 PM, Blogger Lost Unlocked said...

Wow - All these spoilers! Good thing I lead a sheltered life.


At 1/17/2008 6:35 PM, Blogger Lostie108 said...


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Oh yeah, theres some speculation going around that the new Star Trek trailer will be preceeding it, directed by mr. Abrams himself, so get your popcorn early and head on in to catch a glimpse!!!!!!!!


At 1/28/2008 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey is it okay if i put this on my wordpress??

--MitchellX (Mitchell s.)


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