Saturday, July 05, 2008

Greetings and salutations LOST Unlocked crew... As you probably have noticed we haven't posted a new podcast in two weeks. There are a few reasons for this.

I. We actually did record a roundtable style podcast last week but the editing is taking much longer than we had anticipated.

II. Holiday weekend scheduling conflicts.

III. Issues with the iTunes feed. (All LOST Unlocked podcasts should be back up and running in the iTunes music store. If you are still unable to download our latest cast, Kicking it Keamy Style, please let me know)

So there you have it... we haven't abandoned LOST during this painfully long hiatus. In fact, we have some great stuff lined up for the upcoming weeks including roundtables, Character Spotlights, and a show all about the LOST video game. Sorry about our long absence.

We're doing podcasts and we're still alive,


At 7/07/2008 2:56 PM, Blogger itsMrsB said...

Hi Guys :)
I sure have been missing your podcasts and I am glad to hear you haven't forsaken us. Your absence has had one silver lining, though. I finally looked up your website (ok, so I'm a procrastinator.. I admit it.)You have done a nice job here on blogspot and I never even knew Odeo existed before checking on you in itunes to see why there wasn't any podcast coming. Odeo looks like it might have a whole wealth of podcasts to check out.

I have heard you mention the round tables but I never knew how to find out when you were recording.
Will you please announce on your podcasts when and where your roundtable discussions are? I am probably not the only one who doesn't make it to many websites, but I do carry my ipod with me. Further, it would be awesome to know when you record and when is the cut-off for responding to the previous podcast. Maybe if you could sneak these 2 sentences in when you give the ways to contact you.

I know I have never posted before or phoned, but that doesn't mean I haven't responded to you...over and over and over. I wish I had a live recorder going as I listen to you two talk. I talk right with you. I agree enthusiastically or I disagree in a very verbose reply. I add to what you say or I say "Wow! Never thought of that, but maybe..." or "far out!" or "no way, it's ___(fill in another answer).

Every time I say I'm going to leave you a message afterwards, with even a few hightlights of our shared conversations that you never hear (g) but by the time I am at my computer I never remember what I wanted to say or respond to (a mind is such a terrible thing to waste. Jack would love me and my neverending perscriptions for oxycontin.)

I promise I really will try to respond to your fantastic podcasts. I enjoy them so much. You two are so smart and you have awesome radio voices. I really enjoy all our "conversations" together, but short of recording me listening to your podcast and and my on-the-spot feedback, I need to content my self with sharing a point or two (assuming you are even interested in my loopy theories). I promise I will really try this "remembering" thing. (g).

However, since I don't want to wait for me to remember, I want to make sure that you know that you are missed when you're not here, and thoroughly enjoyed when you do podcast. I really really appreciate your insightful and spoilerfree podcasts . When Lost was still on the air - (was it really less than 2 months ago??) - the fact that you were spoiler free is what hooked me on your podcast (of course, it is the 2 of you who keep me eagerly listening to each new podcast.). Towards the end of the Lost season, I pretty much stayed away from the boards, but then it got so bad I was afraid to listen to many podcasts I normally loved. I just hate it when a podcast is going along and I am really into the discussion when all of a sudden the podcaster yells out " spoiler alert" and goes right into the spoiler without giving me (and many other listeners) a chance to register what they said and get to my ipod to turn it off. Even worse are podcasters who give away a spoiler and THEN yell "spoiler alert". Some of the best podcasts won't do that .. they will always give a spoiler alert either during a prescheduled segment or allow time to turn off the podcast, but it is just so awesome to know I can trust the two of you 100%.

I also really appreciate that you are podcasting through this dreadful hiatus. I feel like I have not only lost LOST, but also lost Lost podcasts. My ipod is so empty lately. :( (Although I have been listening to some of the books Darlton recommended and I am really enjoying that!) So thanks for all you do and thanks for letting us know what is going on now. I look forward to the day when I will turn on my computer and find your next podcast waiting for me in itunes.


At 7/07/2008 6:57 PM, Blogger Sam McPherson said...

Hey, C&B, thanks for the update.

In other news,

Itsmrsb! I totally heard you before on the YTAL podcast.

At 7/08/2008 5:42 PM, Blogger itsMrsB said...

Hi Sam! Long time - no see. Wow, that was quite a while ago. We had some pretty interesting Dark Tower and alternate reality discussions over there. Its a shame it all fell apart. It is nice finding you here. Small world, isn't it?

I've been reading a lot of the books that are on the Lost list this year. I still say they all fit into the dark tower universe. :) Slaughterhouse5 really got my mind going in all directions (no pun intended)

How about you? Any new theories?

At 7/09/2008 8:19 PM, Blogger Sam McPherson said...

Ooh...I jsut got into the Dark's a shame I missed it.

And no, no real new theories, except for the one that there is a secret society (with Libby, Abaddon, and Hawking) that are protectors of the island, I guess. But yeah, very small world.

At 7/14/2008 3:51 PM, Blogger itsMrsB said...

Hey Sam, I know I should take this into a private pm but I don't know how to do that here.

I am feeling so silly. I totally mixed you up with somebody else I used to discuss Dark Tower connections with. But when you wrote again about a small world, I got an AHA! and big smile. We live in the same small state don't we? :D

It's just I can't remember what happened this morning, let alone last year. It's getting bad, it is. The mind is sure the first thing to go.

I agree that Libby, Hawking, Abadon and the monk are part of a secret society, all designed to get certain people onto flight 815 to complete another itineration of a repeating scenario, varying it only to tweak it and get it right (possibly Valenzetti fits here? don't know.)

I think Penny Widmore is very much a part of this secret society that all focuses in on Des. What attractive wealthy fascinating woman would weight a decade with almost no contact from an unemployed drunk unless she was fighting her own demons under a powerful daddy figure or unless she was part of the design to push Des. to the island.

This same group, I think, also connects to Charlie, (he kept appearing in Des's flashbacks, and Des changed history when he kept prolonging Charlie's life. (Charlie became drug free, free of the burden of Liam, his dad taught him to swim enabling Charlie to push his button (with Penny and Des right there with him in different locations).. and the ring he left Baby
Aaron is going to have to come into play at somepoint. He also saved Nadia from a violent attack which probably pushed Nadia and Sayid closer together, enabling the sad scenario of Sayid becoming Ben's henchman when Charlie (and thus Des) ensured Nadia would live to die another day.

Widmore, the dad, has to be a force here too, although where he fits amoung the players is anyone's guess. Yet he is a player.

Christian is a player and he pushed Claire and Jack to the island (with help from Sarah, Margo, Shannon's father, Thomas, the psychic and Claire's girlfriend.

It is also interesting that so many auto accidents were involved in getting the Losties to the island.

I think Kate's stepfather (who she thought was her real father) is also a member of one of these secret societies, playing parts in assuring Sayid's and Kate's arrival on flight 815.

I think there are at least 3 opposing forces here, and each of the Losties has had 3 people or spirits or unexplainable events working at them from different paths but assuring the path for the Losties led to flight 815 on Sept 24, 2004 (and Des to arrive there 3 years earlier).

Think of each main character and try to find 3 people insturmental in getting them to the plane (island). I bet you will find at least 3 for every Losties.

I haven't worked this out, but I wager that each of the entities involved (like Libby and Abadon) have 3 losties they are responsible for.

There is something the Losties have to get right and they have to keep repeating things (together with the DI and Ben's Other's) until they get things right. This may be the game of finding the Valenzetti equation, you think? And who is the biggest player of all? I think it is Benjamin Linus. The man who ALWAYS has a plan. The master chess player and manipulator.

Whew! that poured out. Just planned to write a brief paragraph. I think my hands have a mind of their own.


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