Monday, January 26, 2009

On this episode of LOST Unlocked, Chris and Brian talk extensively about the second installment of LOST's fifth season. Other topics of discussion include caviar, flaming frogurt, LOST related beverages, and Hot Pocketâ„¢ flavors. Come for the goof-ball episode review... stay for the excellent fan feedback and return of QoftheW.


At 1/28/2009 6:33 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

Belated The Lie Theories/Discussion points:

Army dudes that are threatening to cut off Juliette's Arm - Could be a young Widmore (I believe he references it being his island). Also could be Leonard in that group - was the WWII listening post also a lie to cover the events that took place during that period?!

Could the traveling Losties be the original Hostiles?

I like how this episode explains the reason why the bearings are different that are given to Michael/Walt and Frank

If Ben is the man that Sarah left Jack for does that mean she is pregnant with Ben's Baby? Future Sarah that visits Jack is uber pregnant who is the father?

Richard as Black smoke - if richard is black smoke and black smoke seems to only take the shape of dead people, perhaps richard is Adam?

This one could be a stretch - Mrs. Hawkings is Annie?

Also I live in Portland, OR. There is a sub that is Docked outside of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which I like to think is a port for the Island, I know it's not THE Sub because it looks completely different (it is actually the one used for Hunt for the Red October), but you never know it could be their cover!

What Miles was doing before he became a ghostbuster:

Also if you love Faraday and want to check out another great Jeremy Davies Sci-Fi movie check out Solaris. I won't give any spoilers other than that.

Hope I got this in on time!


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