Friday, February 29, 2008

This week on LOST Unlocked, Chris and Brian talk about time travel, paradoxes, and Quantum Leaps. All that and much more!


At 2/29/2008 3:27 AM, Blogger Lost Unlocked said...

Quick note:
We received an unusually high number of last minute emails and even an audio Lost in 15 that didn't make it into the show because we were already recording the 'cast. I might move some of it over to next week's podcast. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At 3/01/2008 2:47 PM, Blogger Jivi said...

HI Brian and Chriss

I can't believe you missed the fact that Dan's amnesia problem is provoked by the long term exposuere to the electromagnetism radiation while he is doing experiments with eloise.

If you notice Desmond asks why Daniel doesn't put something on his head, but Dan laughs at the comment.

Also the the number for Dan's machine is 2.342 = 23 42

At 3/01/2008 8:27 PM, Blogger Lostie108 said...

Hey guys,

Just a few comments.

First, on minkowski's "ferris wheel" comment. Did anyone else think that it might be (and i know it isn't but itd be really really cool) that good ol JJ put his hand in this one, mentioning the last scene in CLOVERFIELD??? On a ferris wheel? When the "object" (*cough Tagruato satellite *cough) falls into the water in the background???

No? Oh, guess thats just me. :)

I loved this episode with all of my heart! Desmond has always been my favorite, and Dan is explaining a lot. As far as the last scene, however, I am slightly confused. Why would Dan need a constant? Could he be referring to his knowlege of the radiation he faced before (as jivi said) and has suffered the same "side effects" as Desmond? The whole journal passage seems iff-y to me.

On a lighter note, YEA for Penny + Desmond! Ah, I love a happy ending.

That is all...for now.


At 3/03/2008 1:48 PM, Blogger "Weas" said...

When they are discussing the Black Rock ledger up for auction, I swear they mentioned someone named "hanso". Did anyone else hear this?

At 3/03/2008 3:15 PM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

Lostie, I thought that, too.
And weas, it was Tovard Hanso, I think.

At 3/04/2008 5:29 AM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

Also, you can't NOT say you're hardcore. I mean, you're the very first Lost podcast that comes out every week, as far as I can tell. That TOTALLY makes you more hardcore.

At 3/04/2008 8:25 PM, Blogger Lostie108 said...

Second on the HARDCORE comment. I mean, straight up, you guys rock...

Except for the fact that you said "you rock, locke" in the cast....yeah, that was kind of lame. Haha.

And I forgot to mention it in the last comment, do I get a million dollars in cash or via check? I mean i listened to the ENTIRE show...even waited for some crazy post comment (which was not there... :( ) Lol, can't say it enough, great cast.


At 3/04/2008 11:44 PM, Blogger Lost Unlocked said...

Okay maybe our 'cast is more hardcore than we let on. But that's only because you guys (the listeners) are such insanely hardcore LOST fans. Seriously, you people are awesome. There would be no LOST Unlocked without you.

Lostie, sorry about this week's lack of an after-show... oh and your million dollar check is in the mail.

At 3/05/2008 8:50 PM, Blogger Lostie108 said...

Haha, yes. Good news, seeing as I just got my first speeding ticket and need money fast...

*Pause in remembrance of my squeaky clean record which has now been tainted by the evils of the Texas State law enforcement patrolmen...*

And truly, what good would hardcore fans be if we didn't have an outlet for all of our knowledge and observation? When I first got interested in lost, I focused all of that questioning and theorizing towards my family. Thanks to Lost Unlocked, my family no longer suffers! I mean, its a great cast that allows for all of the people about me to come together and speak on a variety of topics.

Anyways, I actually wanted to comment on a comment (lol) made to me by Patrick the projectionist and resident "geek". He said (as I tried to explain the sci-fi-ness of lost and Desmond) that the split conciousness thing could be a reference to the Dark Tower series (or some other Stephen King novel) where a character murders his friend and only half of his conciousness remembers...Do you know what I'm talking about, because I haven't read the series...

Oh yeah, Dark Tower series being produced (or was it directed?) by Mr.JJ Abrams.

You may "woot" in excitement! : )

At 3/05/2008 10:47 PM, Blogger Lost Unlocked said...

I personally know nothing about the Dark Tower books... but I'm willing to bet Stephen King-ologist, Molten Panther does.

So Molty, what do you know?

At 3/06/2008 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok any predictions for tonights episode? I think Michael returns tonight, also Sun & Jin reappear to argue about the baby. Penny sees a picture of the four toed statue in the Hanso log.

At 3/06/2008 1:27 PM, Blogger "Weas" said...

My prediction, Juliet flash forward. We haven't seen much of her this season!

Jimmy - I really hope that we see Michael, I might cry!!!

At 3/06/2008 5:08 PM, Blogger Lostie108 said...

Just for the record...If Michael comes "back" to the island...I called it before the season started, lol!

At 3/12/2008 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, after watching the other woman again it hit me... watching locke seem to enjoy skinning the rabbit, and lockes bald head, EUREKA!!, Locke is based on ELMER FUDD, WASCALLY WABBIT! That is why he is so frustrated, Ben is based on Bugs Bunny, thats why there are so many tunnels, and why Ben is so sarcastic. Thats it. There is no other explanation. After watching the Facts of Life Reunion Show, Kate based on Jo, CONFIRMED.


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