Friday, February 06, 2009

This week on LOST Unlocked, Chris and an uncharacteristically energetic Brian talk about the fourth episode of LOST Season Five. Along the way they discuss French literature, how time travel affects aging, and the Hurley (Jail)Bird. All that plus plenty of tang tongling and some of our best listener feedback yet!


At 2/06/2009 9:30 PM, Blogger L0ckesurrectionFTW said...

hey guys chris here i was jus wonderin y u guys never related the title name with aaron because of his last name...LITTLETON! lol love the show

p.s. rose and benard are still tryin 2 start that fire either that or they died and they r the adam and eve skeletons! lost rules

At 2/09/2009 12:26 PM, Blogger Lostmommyof3 said...

Chris, Brian...forgive me but I haven't finshed listening to this weeks podcast (awaits flogging) but I have a new theory that I KNOW you will both enjoy. It's about the sickness. It's more than a theory really. I've put all the pieces together and I think we have the answers now. Enjoy

(goes back to listening)

At 2/11/2009 3:22 PM, Blogger lostbunny said...

Hi Guys,
loving the podcast.
I think guitarchitect is onto something with the whispers and visions. Makes sense that this is relating to the time jumps, somehow the two time periods leaking into each other (maybe there is something like the jumps but to a lesser degree?).
I was wondering if there are some people that can control the time shifts, Christian for example. Not sure how Christian gets back alive, but hopefully we'll find more with Locke.
Can anyone tell me if Danielle and Jin have met before (or will met, it's getting confusing to explain)? I'm wondering whether Danielle would have recognised him. Answers my question as to why we don't have to worry about Jin going back, he already has.
I'm surprised how many answers we are getting, it's making me expect an even bigger question or twist soon.
I hope we do get a 'future' character turn up that we've already seen but not realised as you suggested, my money is on Vincent first :-).

Lost Bunny

At 2/11/2009 8:53 PM, Blogger michelle said...

hey guys, it's michelle. long time since i've written, but i had an idea for the name of a lost inspired bottled water--
wait for it-- "Smoke on the Water"-- a little play on the black smoke with a little classic rock thrown in.

Question of the week- what happened to rose and bernard? well, no big theory here-- i think they made it to the stream, and we just haven't found out what has happened yet. later episode, i think. as for montand's arm, simple. gotta be ezra james sharkington!! shark's gotta eat!!

thanks, guys!! oh and brian, maybe no more energy drinks for you....

Michelle :o)

At 2/12/2009 6:34 PM, Blogger MoltenPanther said...

Lostbunny: According to my research, they have been in the same large group of people before, but never actually met. And even if she had seen him and should've recognized him, I mean, come on, she's been on a crazy Island being crazy for 16 years, I'm sure she forgot. :P

QotW: Rose and Bernard went to the caves, because they know the caves and that they are a safe place for them. OR they got captured by The Others and have now become on their team.

And if anyone wants it early before I submit it officially as feedback, here's my MegaTheory 2 that's actually looking really possible.


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